Seshu Strong
Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.

About our Team

               SESHU MV KANDUKURI
                   (01/16/1993 - 03/07/2012)


This site is dedicated to a fallen College Freshman, Seshu MV Kandukuri, who lost his battle against an aggressive cancer on 7th March, 2012.  His classmates from Grafton High School, (Grafton, MA), family friends and the people whom he got to know, named him as 'Seshu Strong' for the hope, courage, spirit and strength he had shown during his life journey. He inspired so many people and showed the way how to be strong and live with it to see its end.

We hope to help raise cancer awareness. 'Seshu' is not alone as many infants through adults lost their lives and a lot more are being diagnosed every day with various types of cancers ranging from common to rare forms.  But 'every cloud has a silver lining' because there are still cancer survivors in this world!!  We appreciate for their hope and strength shown during their treatment and above all we salute to all their families, supporters and well-wishers - it's hard to travel in this difficult time without them.

With Seshu's spirit and the inspiration from so many of our advocates, we are dedicated to continue those efforts in the form of 'Charity' - at least to say 'hello, we are here for you!'.  We will be sharing our thoughts through this website, how to support and encourage other troubled people in whatever way we could.  Please check back regularly for updates on our progress.

                                   Seshu Strong Team

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